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Photography: Pierre Castignola

Digital Sprayers


In major democracies, during recent elections, voter’s participation is decreasing among the group: 18-25 year old. Often defined as «The only voice that counts», people are now divided about this tool that has been given to us. There is a current tendency to doubt about its efficiency. This context led the designer Jonathan Levain to research new alternatives that can promote the freedom of speech and the youth presence in our democracies.

Digital Sprayers is a mobile app that turns your phone into a spray can. This new tool and platform allows users to create tags and graffiti in an augmented reality. Digital sprayers can express themselves on the walls of the city and take over other user’s tags.

Digital Sprayers aims to form a responsive community in which self-expression is encouraged. A reality where words can be seen for whomever wants to see them.

© Jonathan Levain/Design Academy Eindhoven 

Photography: Pierre Castignola