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Photography: Pierre Castignola

Here And Out


Curation of the exhibition Here And Out part of the City Circles
research program in Madrid. Presented during Madrid Design Festival 2018 in DIMAD with more than 10.000 visitors, the exhibition was on view from the 2nd to the 25th of February 2018.


“Last September, 16 students from the Design Academy Eindhoven started the City Circles research program in Madrid. According to the program and welcomed by DIMAD, they explored 1km diameter circle around Matadero in search of new stories and inspiring elements. Coming from many different places in the world, the students all approached their projects differently; collecting information, gathering material, looking for patterns, talking to people, etc..

This is an exhibition of our findings from HERE (in Matadero) AND OUT.

We invite you to «bounce» from project to project and travel through our individual perspectives and visions on the circle. Reflect on our translation of Arguanzuela and Usera after our short, but intense journey.

We hope to leave you with new insights of your neighborhood and inspiration to view the city in a new way.”

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